Develop your company and boost profits thanks to gamification.

Make a career adventure of your employees’ tasks.


Gamification in HR and business is the usage of mechanisms known from games to achieve business goals, through increasing employees’ engagement. Using game mechanisms (like, for example, plot of the game, points, leaderboards, badges and prizes) gives a motivation to work. Gamification relies on the pleasure that game user gets from challenges, even in the case of routine tasks. This takes place not only through competition, but to a large extent through cooperation with other players.

Gamification appeals not only to millennials, a generation brought up in a world where the Internet and computer games were almost always present, but also to previous generations who understand the mechanisms of game engagement thanks to board games.

Gamification works in each area of a company’s activity where results are influenced by human behaviour. Each game we design is customized and tailored to the goal our client wants to achieve, the company’s business area and its organizational culture.

Gamification in HR and business

The efficiency of gamification


More satisfied customers


More profits


More employees productivity


Less of absence at work


Less bugs at work


Less accidents at work

„State of the Global Workplace” Gallup Institute

Offered products

Answer a few questions if you want to know if gamification can be useful in your company:

  • Do you want to increase goal achievement and see a rise in your employees’ productivity?
  • Do you want to boost effectiveness in recruitment, onboarding, the retention of the best employees (talent management), trainings, development programs, communication, knowledge sharing and cooperation?
  • Do you want to find the key to deal with the challenges that your company faces and to support your strategy, for example in the pro-health and work-life balance initiatives?
  • Would you like to integrate your team and help its members develop in a better way?
  • Are you interested in our trainings, mentoring, coaching and development programs?
If your answer is “yes” to at least one of these questions, there is potential for your cooperation with GrywIT!

We design games which influence employees’ development on many areas. Flexibility is another advantage of the solutions offered by us – the games are placed on a modern and easy-to-use platform accessible from all mobile devices. The only requirement is Internet connection. The important thing is that the tasks are performed by the employees in a real work environment, which helps them learn the right habits and attitudes through practice.

About company

Anna Jankowiak founded GrywIT after 12 years of working as General Electric managing director. As a manager, she had to meet the management board’s expectations, as well as having to face challenges with low employees’ commitment. Traditional motivation methods failed, so in 2010 she introduced gamification to GE’s Polish branch. This helped to boost the effectiveness of individual teams by up to 300%, and generated plenty of savings.

GrywIT is a proud winner of a number of awards and nominations (among others in the “Start-up of the Year” category in the “Businesswomen of the Year 2017” competition). As a recognised experts in gamification, we often give presentations at national and international conferences.

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